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Event Day Info for Participants

Please have a read through the event information below which is applicable to all participants doing ULTRA LONDON 55 and LONDON 27.5.  More information will be available closer to the event.

You can also download this information from here.

This page includes information on:


ULTRA LONDON includes two challenges:


  • ULTRA LONDON 55 – 55km from Woolwich to Richmond – download the route GPX file here.

  • LONDON 27.5 – 27.5km from Crystal Palace to Richmond – download the route GPX file here.


The multi-terrain route includes sections on footpaths, parks, woodland, pavement and roads. If weather conditions in the run up to ULTRA LONDON are predominantly wet parts of the route (mainly the woodland sections and Richmond Park) may become muddy. 


The route encompasses the entire southern section of the Capital Ring footpath. The route is well-signposted but will also include our own ULTRA LONDON signage. The route takes in some of London’s finest scenery, including the Thames Barrier, Eltham Palace, Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park. 


​At various points it is necessary to cross main roads. Care is required at all road crossings and designated crossings (e.g. pelican or zebra crossings) must be used at all times.  Note that sometimes these crossings may be a short distance off route (10 to 20 metres in most cases). 



Starts between 07.00 and 09.00hrs

START: Waterfront Leisure Centre, Woolwich, SE18 6DL

HALF WAY: Indoor athletics track, Crystal Palace National Sport Centre, SE19 2BB.

FINISH: Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College, Parkshot Campus, Richmond upon Thames, London, TW9 2RE

Checkout the start wave times here

(final start list published 1 October)


Starts between 11.00 and 12.30hrs

START: Indoor athletics track, Crystal Palace National Sport Centre, SE19 2BB.

FINISH: Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College, Parkshot Campus, Richmond upon Thames, London, TW9 2RE

Checkout the start wave times here

(final start list published 1 October)


ULTRA LONDON 55 : four checkpoints (including the finish) will be in place along the route, approximately every 15km. The locations of the checkpoints will be communicated in the final race briefing


LONDON 27.5 : two checkpoints (including the finish) will be in place along the route, approximately every 15km. The locations of the checkpoints will be communicated in the final race briefing


A variety of drink and food will be available at each checkpoint and at the finish.   Drinks will include water, fizzy drinks (with some made flat), and tea/coffee.   Food items will include sandwiches, savoury snacks and sweets.   A range of CLIF bars, blocks and gels will also be available and the starts and the checkpoints.


Permanent drinks fountains are located at various points along the route.   All were in good working order at the time of the last route inspection. 




REGISTRATION: 05.30hrs to 08.30hrs

BAG DROP: 06.30hrs to 08.45hrs

STARTS: 07.00hrs to 09.00hrs


(Crystal Palace)

REGISTRATION: 09.30hrs to 12.00hrs

BAG DROP: 10.00hrs to 12.00hrs

STARTS: 11.00hrs to 12.30hrs


All participants must register at the start. Please bring a copy of your entry confirmation email (a copy on your phone is fine) to registration. Your mandatory kit will be checked (see below) before you will be allocated your race number. 



Bags deposited with the event team will be taken to the finish at Richmond. Please note whilst we will make every effort to ensure all bags and belongings are stored securely, all participants leave belongings at their own risk. No suitcases please. 



Participants will start in small groups being set off at approx. 15 minute intervals.    A list of all entrants is published here (a final start list will be published 1 October 2019. Current list includes all participants registered up to 19 September 2019).

Participants must be at the start 15 minutes before their scheduled start time so that the Race Director’s race briefing can be given. The start times are allocated based on your estimated completion time, with slower participants setting off before faster runners so that they have more time to complete the event within the cut off times (see cut off times below). If you wish to revise your estimated completion time, email us at info@ultralondon.co.uk before midnight 30th September 2019.  


All participants (both ULTRA LONDON 55 & LONDON 27.5) must carry with them the mandatory kit listed below.   Mandatory kit will be inspected at registration and we will not be able to issue your race number if any items are missing.   Note that unfortunately there will not be an opportunity to purchase any kit at the start so please ensure you bring all required kit with you. 


  • Fully charged mobile phone with ULTRA LONDON event control number saved on the phone

  • Debit/Credit/Oyster card to enable travel on public transport if required

  • Cash/card for any required food/drink purchases on route

  • Foil survival blanket

  • Cup(s) for water (ideally collapsible), or a water bottle(s) including your own initial water supply and fuel/food required.


  • Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions possible for London at the time of the event.

  • A power pack for your mobile phone (to enable recharging if needed)

  • Food/drink that you have run with previously

  • Small first aid kit

  • Head torch, if required

  • GPX route file downloaded on device


ULTRA LONDON has strict cut off times that will be enforced.   The cut off times are to ensure that all participants have completed the route by 18.00 (sunset for 5 October is 18.30). 


    Second checkpoint (Crystal Palace National Sports Centre) at 12.30hrs regardless of the start time of the participant. Any participant who has not passed this point by 12.30hrs will not be permitted to continue. 


  • CUT OFF POINT 2 (all participants):
    Entrance to Richmond Park (Robin Hood Gate) at 17.00hrs regardless of the start time of the participant. Any participant who has not passed this point by 17.00hrs will not be permitted to continue. 


*Reminder – you can change your estimated completion time by emailing us. No estimated completion times in excess of 11 hours for ULTRA LONDON 55 or 7 hours for LONDON 27.5 are permitted.


The ULTRA LONDON rules are listed here.


Supporters are encouraged throughout the event. The event has great transport links throughout including the Tube, London Overground, National Rail and bus services all helping your supporters to get to key locations to support you all the way. The Capital Ring route covered within the ULTRA LONDON event is within TfL travelcard zones 2, 3 and 4. 


​We advise all participants and spectators to use public transport to and from the event and along the route (if spectating). Your supporters may wish to use bikes to travel around, but please be aware that many parts of the Capital Ring footpath are not suitable for cycling.


  • START OF ULTRA LONDON 55 : There is no parking available at the start at Woolwich.

    Train & Tube: Woolwich Arsenal railway and DLR station is a half mile walk to the Waterfront Leisure Centre. 

    Bus: The Waterfront Leisure Centre is on the following TFL bus routes: 51, 96, 161, 177, 180, 472. 

    Accommodation:Travelodge London Woolwich is located 0.3 miles from the Waterfront Leisure Centre. Premier Inn London Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Hotel in located 0.2 miles from the Waterfront Leisure Centre. 


  • HALFWAY / START OF LONDON 27.5: A small amount of parking is available (first come, first served and pay and display) at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. We strongly advise all participants and spectators to use public transport.

    Train & Tube: Crystal Palace Rail Station is just a few minutes walk to the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre whist Penge West Rail Station is 0.4 miles away. 

    Bus: The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is on the following TFL bus routes: 3, 157, 122, 202, 227, 249, 322, 358, 363, 432, 450.

    Accommodation: Travelodge London Crystal Palace is located 1.1 miles from the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. 


  • FINISH: Please note that it is unlikely that any parking spaces will be available at the college due to other activities taking place. However Old Deer Park Car Park is located a short walk from the college. 

    Train & Tube: Richmond railway station is 350 metres walk from the College. 

    Bus: The college is on the following TFL bus routes: H22, H37, 65, R68, R70, 190, 290, 371, 419, 490, Mobilty Buses: 938, 963, 964, 967.

    Accommodation: Travelodge London Richmond Central is located half a mile from the college, as is the Premier Inn London Richmond hotel. 


Medical support is provided at each checkpoint and at the finish. However please note that due to the nature of the event participants should recognise the physical challenge and should train and prepare adequately. If you have not been able to prepare properly please do not take part. For much of the route participants are expected to be self-supported. 


​If you have a problem that requires medical attention and you can make your way to the next checkpoint please do so. If you (or another participant you are attending to) require medical assistance or are unable to reach the next checkpoint call Event Control - you will be given the Event Control's number at registration on the day of the event.   


If emergency medical attention is required then please call the emergency services on 999 in the first instance and then call the Race Director. Please note that the event medical provision is put in place to ensure the welfare of participants and in order to maintain this level of provision we are not able to provide support to those not taking part.   If urgent medical attention is required by supporters they should use public medical services. 


  • TERRAIN: Depending on the weather conditions leading up to the event and on the day of ULTRA LONDON, parts of the route may be slippery, so be careful. Sections across parks and through woodland can be particularly muddy, rocky or have tree roots.Steps can also be more slippery than you might imagine. 


  • GETTING LOST:   Whist the route will be marked throughout with event-specific markers, remember that the route largely follows the Capital Ring path.

    If you are unsure of the route, we recommend you retrace your steps to when you were last sure of the route, or wait for a following participant who may be able to assist with way finding.  If you get completely lost you can call Event Control and we will help you find you way back to the route.  If doing this, it’s best to find a road junction or at least road name so that the team can quickly locate your current position. 


  • HEADPHONES:  It is important that participants are aware of their surroundings at all times. If you wish to wear headphones during the event it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of what’s going on around you. 


  • OTHER FOOTPATH USERS:   Please give due consideration to other users to ensure that everyone can enjoy their use of the route.  As always, watch out for dogs off leads, cyclists, and the occasional horse rider. 

  • RUN WITH OTHERS: We advise running/walking with others or to try to keep within sight of other participants. This can help with your navigation and safety

    As with any event and location there is a potential for undesirable characters to be present and who may choose to be a nuisance to participants. Participants and strongly advised not to engage in any situations. If you need to report an issue during the event, call Event Control - you will be given the Event Control number at registration on the day of the event.  As always, if a situation requires emergency assistance participants are advised to call the emergency services on 999 in addition to calling the race director. 


  • PUBLIC HIGHWAYS:  Some of these are busy at all times of the day. It is extremely important that participants use footpaths and do not run on the roads. When crossing highways always use the designated crossing points where available, noting that sometimes these may be 20-30 metres away from the most direct route. None of the crossings are marshalled. 


All finishers who complete the event within the cut off times stated will receive a medal and event t-shirt. A trophy will be awarded to the first man and woman in each of ULTRA LONDON 55 and LONDON 27.5, based on the athlete’s chip time.

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